Terms and Conditions


All Umgalelo Academy System Users are required to first create a free account in order to gain access to the system. By creating a System Account one becomes a Subscriber.

Subscribers have access to only the free courses provided on the system.



Registration Fee is I paid annually by all students. It is nonreturnable. Umgalelo Academy (the College) reserves the right to determine or review the amount from time to time without consultation.



To become a registered student, one is required to accept Terms and Conditions as written in this document. A Registration Fee must be fully paid. The Subscriber role must be changed on the system to that of Student.

Students have access to all the free courses provided on the system. They further have access to choose and enrol relevant paid courses.



Umgalelo Academy (the College) reserves the right to accept or refuse any application to study with the college. The College further reserves the right to deactivate any system account which has been created in its portal without notification should a decision to refuse application be taken. Only upon request by the applicant or deactivated system user shall a reason be provided in writing.

Application and registration is open to persons over and above 16 years of age.

Subject to course/module specifics, minimum educational entry requirement is Grade10 (Std 8) or equivalent. Proof of highest qualification, grade or standard passed my be required before or after registration.



There shall be no refund to Registration Fee.

Applicants and Students reserves the right to cancel their registration within a period of 14 days from the date of tuition fee payment. Refunds are subject to a 10% administration fee charge. Refunds will take up to 30 days to be processed. All requests for refunds must be accompanied by an application form which can be requested from re*****@um*************.africa.



Tuition is done remotely online with scheduled live classes, prerecorded videos, system quiz, system tests and assignments committed via the system mainly or otherwise as may be determined from time to time by Umgalelo Academy management.



– Tuition Fees are payable as the the following three options:

  • Bank Deposit – Fees can be deposited into the Umgalelo Academy bank account. 
  • Payment Gateway – Fees can be paid via PayFast or any other payment gateway as may be determined from time to time.  

– Students have an option to pay their fees once-off or in monthly installments. 

– Fees must be paid up before the student can sit for examinations. In an exceptional event where the student may have taken an examination without having fully paid their Tuition Fees, Umgalelo Academy reserves the right to refuse certificate/diploma handing over.